Tactical Asset Group

When you want Dedication, Honor and Focus you want Tactical Asset Group.

Tactical Asset Group is contracted security services provider, due to the uniques business concepts we have and officer support, we are a fast growing company in the Lubbock area. The leadership here at TAG have over 50 years of experience in the security industry at all levels. With the ongoing and specialized training we put our officers through, makes us a security provider like no other.

  • Pre-assignment security orientation
    • Our training of new recruits is taught by state certified instructors. The topics range from basic security and patrol techniques to report writing and field interviewing, as well a liability issues.
  • On-site immersion training
    • We develop on site instructions based on our clients needs, we then train the officers at that location as to what those instructions are. The officers are then monitored for effectiveness and accuracy to those instructions.
  • On-going site specific training
    • Our officers are put through continue educations course as per our clients and needs of the industry.

TAG spares no effort in our desire to start right. Tremendous amounts of time and energy are put into starting and developing the security solution for our clients right from the beginning. Our clients are given a tool that helps them monitor their security solution, so that they have real time information for there reporting needs. Finally we concentrate on putting the right officer with the right client. This helps ensure good communication with TAG management and the client.