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The goal of T.A.G. is to train and produce quality officers and therefor a quality product and safer community.
We teach our officers mandatory classes on things such as Report Writing, Problem Solving, Dealing with Difficult People, and Proper Use of Force as well as other classes. We also put them through our own firearms course. T.A.G. has a licensed training school where we are licensed to train Level 3 Security officers and a number of other courses. The state requires all officers to take this class once every two years. Our officers take it once every 3 months. Our instructors are licensed through the NRA and have been vetted and cleared for every class they give. They also have to sit in on other instructors’ classes as well to keep an internal audit of each class and instructor. We also encourage our officers to become more. Three of our ranks have Private Investigator licenses and five are instructors.

T.A.G. uses continued training for the officers, instructors, and the management team as well as modern technology in scheduling, time keeping, and communication to provide the best product we can. We ARE our product in what most people would consider a service industry. It is always changing and evolving. We will evolve and grow with it to stay at the top of our game and provide the best product.


It is the belief of T.A.G. and its management team that well trained officers will take care of our clients as well as those clients’ assets, but it will also keep that officer, any officer that works with him/her, as well as other people around during a situation safe.

Good training for the officers as well as good communication between T.A.G. officers, T.A.G. management, and YOU a T.A.G. client are the answers to salving the main two problems that we saw with the industry (Customer service and customer product). We belief that professionalism and training are the keys to this and are constantly striving for excellence in this.

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